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NewImageBusiness Model You (BMY), written by Tim Clark in collaboration with Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur,  has just been released and is must must read/apply for anybody that is looking for personal logic through which  one can sustain themselves financially. It take the proven business modeling capabilities of Business Model Generation and applies them on a personal level, AKA to you and me. Side Bar: Tim… Please make this book available electronically to those of us who use Kindle, Nook, etc.


When I originally read the BMG book last year, I wrote about it value as well as the potential value of using the methodology on a personal level. Base on some exercises that the BMY recommends, I have since update my own model, Dr. Jerry A. Smith V2.0:

Dr Jerry A Smith bmg

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This new BMY is for my work as a IT strategist, designed to help companies grow their business (revenue, margin, customers) through technology and social media driven capabilities. While not perfect (nothing ever is), it has helped me focus on those activities, resources, and partnerships needed to better help my clients.


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