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In my blog posting, I talk a lot about several measures for successfully implementing SOA. Since that time I have had the chance to write and speak extensively on the topic. Here is one such speech that I would like to share:


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Everyone knows that outsourcing is a “fact of life.” Companies of all sizes and kinds – be they software/hardware vendors or software-enabled companies such as e-commerce providers – outsource the vast majority of their R&D. In today’s global market that’s the only way to be competitive.

Outsourcing, however, if not managed correctly can negatively impact innovation because the engineers doing the work have no vested interest in maintaining a culture of innovation that a CTO may espouse. Moreover, outsourcing entails an inherent risk: the media is rife with stories of outsourcers stealing IP and selling it on the black market. Like never before, striking a balance between the need to drive innovation while protecting valuable IP at all costs, has never been greater. What can companies do to achieve both?

View the IP Symposium Presentation at SlideShare.

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