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For those that did not make it to this year’s SIIA conference in San Jose, CA, here is a link to the SaaS Integration panel discussio:

SaaS Integration: the Whole is More than the Sum of the Parts


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I will be participating on a panel at the SIIA OnDemand Conference in San Jose, CA, next week (11/18/2008). The panel is SaaS Integration: the Whole is More than the Sum of the Parts. Leading SaaS industry analysts have identified application integration as the number one challenge facing SaaS venders. Integration can save development resources, expand markets and win over corporate IT departments. It’s time for SaaS applications to leave their silos. Our panel will feature presentations from three SaaS companies who have addressed respectively; SaaS to SaaS integration; SaaS to Cloud integration; and SaaS to On-Premise integration. Following these presentations there will be a discussion which will illuminate lessons learned and best practices identified. It should be fun.

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I am going to address attendees at the Software Development Best Practices 2008 being held in Boston on Tuesday, Oct. 28, on the subject of SOA Measurement Best Practices. The event, produced by Dr. Dobb’s, delivers business-critical development training to software development teams that strive to incorporate best practices, quality design and proven management techniques into their development projects. Dr. Dobb’s Journal has led the computer press in covering practical technology since 1976 and focuses exclusively on a single platform, language, or even a single development tool.

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