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As expected, The Science of Blogging was a great event and lived up to its “science” expectation.  The discussion was loaded with insights and implications, all supported with data. Just the kind of rational thought process that more presenters (analysts, researcher,etc.) need to include in their work.




Presentation was filled with a lot of takes, but here are a few that I noted:

General Take Aways:

– Sex and Positivity sell, so don’t go negative.

– Talk as yourself, not about yourself.

– Videos get linked, photos get comments.

– People want to hear your unique point of view.

– Users comment on things that have something in it for them.

– Stay away from overly technical jargon; write simply and plainly.

– Use social proof to establish trust.

– Know your audience (lives, schedules, etc.)


Timing Take Aways:

– Effective bloggers publish early in the day (I am violating this now!)

– People share (retweet) mostly in the afternoon.

– Post early in the week for views and on weekends for comments.

– The more often you post, the more active followers you will attract.


If you have the time, look through the slides. While you will see each of the take aways, reading them in context will probably help.



To see/hear the complete presentation, make sure to check out Dan Zarrella’s website.


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I don’t usually promote webinars, but I am going to make an exception. On December 9, HubSpot is putting on a free webinar called, ” The Science of Blogging.” The agenda looks interesting, especially if you are looking for quantitative reasons to start or continue your work.  71.4% of consumers say that blogs effect their purchasing decisions “somewhat” or “very much.” Seems interesting.

Here is their agenda and I will be blogging about it afterwards:

— A round of live blogging reviews (register for the webinar to get your blog reviewed)

— Tips about the best times and days to post

— Trigger words you can use to make your posts go viral

— How to get your posts shared on Twitter and Facebook

You can find registration information at their Registration Link.

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